Information Center

Shipping Options:

We ship within the United States and Canada, you have two shipping options:

  1. Regular Secure (5-7) day delivery costs $15.00.(US only)
  2. Express Secure (2-3) day delivery costs $32.00.

Shipping to Canada, Secure (5-7) day delivery costs $35.00

All shipments outside of the United States will be individually quoted to you and the order will not proceed until you have approved the costs.

Note that these shipping times are in addition to the ring manufacturing time of 3-4 weeks.

Payment Options:

You will have the option of paying by credit card (VISA,MasterCard or American Express) or check/money order/bank draft. You can also decide when you want to pay. Your options are:

  1. The full amount when the order is placed on the website OR
  2. Half and half. That is, 50% when the order is placed and the rest just before shipping. Contact us for partial payment and we can send the invoice. OR
  3. You Can Set up a payment plan and pay whatever amount you want in whatever frequency. Note that ring production does NOT start until we have received 50% of the order and it is NOT shipped until we receive the full amount. If you choose this option, you will also be asked to specify your amount and frequency. You will be able to do this only after you have submitted your order.

Once you order is placed, you can always log back into you account and see the full details of the order. Payments not processed by us can always be changed if you want.

No payments will be processed until this confirmation process is completed and we are all perfectly clear on what your ring will look like and cost.

Ring Production

After your payment is processed, the ring will be put into production. Your ring will be custom made to your specifications and will take between 3 to 4 weeks to be completed. If your ring design includes any custom tooling, we will need an additional 2 weeks for production. Production times may vary depending on the time of year (Christmas, graduation season, etc.).

Order Status

Logging into your account and going to your order, you will always see the current status of your order. This status field will change as your ring order goes through the different stages of processing.


When your ring is ready and the final payments have been processed, you will be informed when the ring has been shipped and how. You will be provided the courier name and a tracking number for easy tracking.